This website offers a diet program that differs from several of the other plans out there. This is a diet that isn’t an actual diet. It offers a solution to the traditional calorie counting, food restrictive diets out there. was created by Isabel De Los Rios. Isabel is a nutritionist and a speaker, who has dealt with weight issues of her own in the past and tried many of the different diets out there without any long term success. This program does cost money and if you go to the website you can listen to a video and watch a tutorial on how the plan works and the logic that went into creating this plan. The tutorial is a bit lengthy to listen to, however it does offer some great information and background about the diet program. It also claims that the typical results you can expect in the first week is a loss of 3 to 10 pounds.

One thing discussed in the video is the misconception that you have to completely avoid fat to lose weight. There is such a thing as “good fat” and “bad fat”. Good fats can help to burn existing fat and kick start the metabolism process while bad fats prevent you from burning your existing fat and can make you put on weight. The site also discusses how misleading some foods are, that are labeled as “healthy”. Many of these foods have ingredients that turn into sugar as soon as they enter your body. Even foods that you wouldn’t think have any sugar in them. The program also discusses avoiding processed foods. Our livers are our bodies’ filters that eliminate all the things we take into our bodies that aren’t good for us. However, our livers were not designed to process all the chemicals found in processed foods. So what happens is your liver is working so hard to process the chemicals and additives in these “bad” types of foods that it spends less time processing the good foods which results in less fat burn. Another good point discussed is how so many diets are programmed for you to create such a calorie deficit that rather than losing fat, your body goes into starvation mode and you stop losing weight. These plans can be tailored to fit specific body types and needs. You are allowed to eat substantial amounts of food. And we’re talking normal food, not the types of foods that have no flavor or aren’t enjoyable.

One of the not so great features about this “all natural” diet is that it is not free. also has a Q&A section that addresses concerns such as whether or not this program is vegan friendly. It is not extreme so it will not harm you or your unborn child. The diet is safe for pregnant or nursing women. It has also been shown to help alleviate menopause symptoms. The plan includes several booklets that go over the specifics of the program and grocery lists along with recipes submitted by Leslie herself. The program also has a 60 day money back guarantee.

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