The Diet Solution User Quick Start Guide

Ever thought that starting a diet would be a burdensome thing to do? No more! On the program especially devised for you by the skilled and experienced, internationally renowned Isabel De Los Rios, all that you need on your very first day is 15 minutes or less―just think, no longer than the average coffee break! Now you have no excuse not to pick up the Diet Solution User Quick Start Guide and start revamping your diet today!

Easy as pie, and healthy for you too!

Knowing that your day is probably hectic, Isabel has made her Guide easy for you to master. Used in conjunction with her Diet Solution Program Manual, the Guide takes you through her program for you, every inch of the way. Arranged in the same systematic order as the content of her Manual, in only 41 pages Isabel pinpoints the key aspects of her program. Keep in mind that all the information that she supplies has been tried and tested on Isabel’s own family. You can trust that every word she says not only holds true for her nearest and dearest, but also for you―her valued client! Isabel is professional to the core and all the advice that she gives is sound.

Visualize yourself healthy

Isabel’s positive approach encourages you from the start! She urges you to write down your goals, so that they become more real and tangible to you. She also inspires you to visualize yourself as the new, improved you. Having a clear vision of your goal will enable you to start each day afresh―once your body image has changed for the better; can you think of what a positive effect it will have on the rest of your life?

Isabel’s advice is practical and down-to-earth, as well as reassuring and inspiring. Knowing that you want all the knowledge that you can get about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, she provides all the facts that you need to have at your fingertips to become a new and better you!

The Guide―the basics!

To start with, you need to know where how your health is at the current moment, so Isabel suggests that you take the Metabolism Typing Test. The Test will show you what type of metabolism you have―protein, carbohydrate or mixed. She then gives very clear guidance on what food choices you have to make, depending on your type. It couldn’t be easier! She also urges you to keep notes of your progress in the Success Journal that she provides as part of her comprehensive diet solution program

Under Food Facts, Isabel focuses on what you need to be aware of when choosing top quality, nutrient-rich food. Here Isabel gives you information on organic food, which fats are good for you and which are bad, choosing dairy, bread and grains, avoiding soy, and water, salt, sugar and alcohol consumption. For the first six weeks of your new diet, Isabel supplies you with meal plans with a wide range of options―what can be easier than that? She even rounds off the Diet Solution User Quick Start Guide by helping you devise your new shopping list!

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