The Diet Solution: Salad Options Depending on Metabolic Type

When you purchase The Diet Solution program you get many great resources to help you eat healthier and lose weight. One of the resources you get is a Metabolism Type Test. You answer questions about the types of food you eat in certain situations and you are given a “type”. There are three different Metabolism Types with The Diet Solution Program, Protein Type, Carb Type and Mixed Type. This article will give you great ideas for creating a salad depending on your metabolism type.

The Diet Solution salad for someone who is a Protein Type would include foods that are high in protein. For any salad you will want to find the freshest and most organic produce available in your area. Organic is best, but if that isn’t possible with your budget, you want to make sure there are no added chemicals and ensure all vegetables are washed prior to eating them. You can find great homemade dressing recipes in The Diet Solution Recipes book!

For a protein rich salad you will need:

  • Leafy green romaine lettuce and spinach leaves
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sliced carrots or carrot peelings
  • Adding any other veggies is optional including; olives, onion, celery, radish etc.
  • Chopped up ham, chicken breast, or tuna fish
  • Your favorite type of nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews or walnuts)
  • Your favorite cheese (cheddar, blue, Swiss, mozzarella or feta)
  • Hardboiled eggs, sliced
  • You favorite low fat dressing, or one of the homemade recipes from the Diet Solution Recipe Book.

Wash, chop and assemble as desired.

The Diet Solution salad for a Carb Type does not mean it should be loaded with carbs. People with Carb Type metabolisms need less protein and fat and need more carbohydrates to make it through the day feeling energized.

For a carb type salad you will need:

  • Leafy green romaine lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes and other low in starch veggies, such as broccoli.
  • Croutons
  • Smaller serving of meats, like ham, chicken breast or tuna fish.
  • Olives, onion, celery, and radishes are optional but gives more flavor to your salad.
  • Low fat dressing, or homemade recipe from the Diet Solution Recipe Book

Wash, chop and assemble as desired.

You can see the difference between the two Metabolism Types, the Protein Type salad is loaded with protein and not many carbohydrates, while the Carb Type salad has less protein, no dairy, and a smaller amount of meat. If this is for lunch, you may omit the meat all together, but you still need some protein throughout the day even if you are a Carb Type, so adding a full serving of meat into this salad for dinner will help you to get the proper protein amount for the day.

If you have a Mixed Type Metabolism, you can choose either salad depending on your appetite, or you can mix the two together by adding croutons and removing cheese. Salads are very versatile, with all the different vegetables out there; you could create a different, tasty and healthy salad for every day of the week.

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