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Individualized meal plans, real food, a quick-start option and extensive online support make The Diet Solution an effective weight loss program.
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Review of The Diet Solution
Our Top-Ranked Weight Loss Program

Our top-ranked weight loss plan, The Diet Solution, bills itself as "The #1 Honest and All Natural Diet & Nutrition Program on the Internet." Unlike many "lose weight fast," fad diets, The Diet Solution was created by a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist.

Isabel De Los Rios, the developer of The Diet Solution, has created a weight-loss system that is individualized based on your metabolic type. Taking a brief "metabolic quiz" is one of your first steps in the program, and will tell you if you have a "carbs" metabolism, a "protein" metabolism or a mixture of the two.

Your "metabolic type" determines which specific foods you should eat—and in which quantities—to lose weight quickly and safely. There is no calorie counting, though you will have to measure food portions. The Diet Solution outlines how many servings of healthy carbs, fats and proteins you should eat per meal, and encourages you to eat several small meals a day so you never become ravenously hungry.

You're provided with food lists that offer you a wide range of protein, fat and carb selections, so even picky eaters should be able to create appealing, delicious meal plans. Because it emphasizes a long-term lifestyle change, the system is built around healthful food choices—not prepackaged, over-processed "diet foods."

The Diet Solution is a comprehensive weight loss program that includes

  • A "metabolic type" test

  • Personalized lists of suggested foods and serving sizes

  • A variety of easy-to-prepare recipes

  • "Made-For-You" meal plans

  • Convenient shopping lists

  • Newsletters

  • Fitness tips

  • Responsive online support

  • A supportive member community

The system also includes "14 Days to a Sexy New Body," a more intense version of The Diet Solution program which is designed to help you lose up to 10 pounds in the first week. There are also regularly published newsletters and FAQs.

The publisher typically offers several free bonuses with purchase, and there is a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Although all the elements of The Diet Solution are available as instant downloads you can print out, the biggest advantage of this weight loss system is its interactive online community. The members-only site allows you to upload your "before" photo, ask questions, share recipes, keep an online food journal, and share accountability with other members and Isabel De Los Rios. Members seem enthusiastic and supportive of each other.

Strengths of The Diet Solution

  • A comprehensive, easy-to-use Web site creates a sense of community and accountability, and makes the program easy to follow.

  • By following The Diet Solution's meal plans and recipes, you're likely to save money versus buying "convenience" foods or home-delivered "diet" meals.

  • The program's developer, Isabel De Los Rios, is active and engaged with members, and regularly answers member questions online.

  • The online version of The Diet Solution includes a wealth of information for members, including a members-only forum, newsletters, and FAQs.

  • The system is also available in PDF format.

Weaknesses of The Diet Solution

  • If you eat take-out or microwave dinners for most meals, it may seem like a burden to cook from scratch.

  • Keeping a food journal may seem inconvenient at first, but an online version of the food journal makes this task easier.

  • While De Los Rios encourages members to be physically active, the emphasis of The Diet Solution is definitely on healthful, appropriate eating for your metabolic type.

  • A few members have reported issues when using the online version of The Diet Solution when browsing the site with Internet Explorer 7.

The Diet Solution Review: Highly Recommended

Clear instructions and "made-for-you" meal plans, plus the "14 Days to a Sexy New Body" jump-start version of the program, make The Diet Solution easy to follow in the short term.

A supportive online community, good customer service, and flexible shopping and menu-planning options should make The Diet Solution easy to stick to in the log term.

Many members of The Diet Solution online community report that this weight loss program produces results—in some cases, dramatic results. Some members report significant health improvements in addition to weight loss.

Ms. De Los Rios and her representatives are available and engaged in the online version of the program.

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