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If you have recently quit drinking soda or other sugar drinks such as sweetened fruit juices, mochas, and energy drinks, you may feel the need to eat more sugar. You may feel like something is missing and this can be very frustrating. Just drinking water can get very boring for you but it is essential when trying to lose weight and be healthier.

There are many things that you can drink, besides plain water, that are also good for you and will help to rid you of that bored, sugar-craving sensation. A great idea is to get your own juicer and buy a range of different fruits and vegetables and experiment with different flavors. This can provide you with the correct amount of fruits and vegetables in a day, and distract you from your sugar cravings by giving you something to do.

The Diet Solution drinks for those who are bored with plain water:

Unsweetened fruit juices - choose juices that use only natural fruit and will provide you with natural sugar that is healthier than the sugar you find in a bag at your local grocery store. Ensuring you cut out all high fructose corn syrup will also help when you are cutting sugar out of your diet. Keep away from artificial sweeteners as they are not as healthy for you as the natural sugars in fruit.

Orange Juice - pure and natural orange juice that has calcium and Vitamin D added with no artificial flavors, no sugar and no artificial flavors.

Tea or Iced Tea - making a large pitcher of iced tea is another fun drink idea. You can find tea that does not contain caffeine, or if caffeine does not bother you too much, one glass a day should be fine. Flavor your iced tea with lemon and just one small teaspoon of sugar or a small serving of honey. Green tea is best for you; it contains many antioxidants to help rid your body of toxins and is proven to boost your immune system.

Fruit Smoothies - to make a fruit smoothie, all you need are your favorite fruits, ice and a blender. Make your own smoothies at home; purchasing smoothies from a coffee shop, juice bar or fast food restaurant is not the same as they add sugar and other artificial ingredients. Homemade smoothies may not taste as good, but they are better for you.

Milk - if dairy is an issue for you this may not be the best choice for you. Milk contains calcium, which helps promote bone health and is a great choice for drinking with meals or as a snack, because it is more filling than a regular drink.

While on The Diet Solution, you are not tied down to a specific menu and there are endless healthy possibilities out there when you know exactly what you are looking for. Cutting out unhealthy, sugary, soft drinks is necessary but one or two servings a month will not do much damage if you are following your personal plan diligently.

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