The Cabbage Soup Diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a program that consists of a very low calorie eating plan with a short, specific list of foods allowable on the plan. If you follow the calorie restricted eating plan, the diet claims you can lose up to 10 pounds in your first week. Obviously, these results vary for each person.

The eating plan consists of eating two bowls of cabbage soup daily. There are different variations of the recipe for the soup, most of which you can Google and find online. In addition to the soup recipe is a list of foods allowable on this program. The diet outlines all the foods you are allowed to eat from day one through to day seven - mostly consisting of fruits, vegetables, some fruit juices, a few meats and, most importantly, you have to drink lots of water. Water is an important staple on all diets. Of course, another thing that must be avoided is sugar and sugar substitutes; this includes soda, diet and regular. You cannot eat meals in restaurants while on this plan as very few of these foods are offered on the majority of restaurant menus. There is no recommended exercise or activity schedule included with this plan however as with any diet, physical activity can only serve to accelerate your weight loss. There are also no behavioral tips or advice offered on changing bad habits with this plan.

While weight loss is possible on this diet, it takes a tremendous amount of will power to stick with this very restrictive eating plan. Your daily caloric intake is anywhere between 800-1050 calories a day and some dieters may find the eating plan to be monotonous week after week. The first week of weight loss could be substantial but remember at the beginning of any new weight loss plan, the first week is generally water weight. Physicians, due to the calorie deficit it creates, do not endorse the cabbage soup diet. It can be unhealthy for your body to consume such a small amount of calories daily. It is possible that after several weeks, your body could go into starvation mode. Unless you are under a physicians care it is not safe to allow your daily calorie intake to drop below 1200 calories a day. Some doctors feel that this diet is a short term fix that lacks the daily nutrients your body needs. It also has not been verified that your body actually loses fat on this plan. The majority of the loss is water weight. This plan is so restrictive dieters often give up before getting through the first week. For some dieters this can sometimes bring about feelings of disappointment or failure causing a person to overeat.

Before beginning this weight loss plan you should consult a physician. You will achieve weight loss on this plan however you must remember this diet is not a long-term weight loss plan. It can be used as a quick start to your weight loss goals but is not nutritionally sound enough to be used as a long-term eating plan.

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